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SAMA Somali Media Excellence Award

The SAMA TV Program

    Somali American Media Association TV TM (SAMA TV) is a weekly 58:30-minute and Metro Cable Channel 6, and Cable television series devoted to covering Somali issues that especially affect the Somali's who live abroad.
Produced by volunteers. SAMA TV has been cablecasting on local Public Access cable channels and Metro Cable MTN since the fall of 2006 and is among the longest-running Somali related Public Access series Minnesota!


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  • When you can see SAMA TV?
  • Focus of SAMA TV?
  • What topics have been covered on SAMA TV?
  • Where to see a listing of past programs on SAMA TV?
  • Where to check out a tape of a past SAMA TV program?


    When Can I See Somali TV in My City?

        Minnesota, USA

    • Minneapolis: Friday can be seen on MTN Channel 16 on 6:00 PM Saturday at 3:00 p.m.
    • Saint Paul: Friday can be seen on SPNN Channel 15 on Saturday at 1:30 p.m.
    • Minnesota (all cities): Channel 6  Saturday 1:30pm We discontinue luck of funding

       All over the world you can view these sites

    Tapes of programs may be provided to public access cablecasting facilities in other nearby cities when the topics are especially relevant to the residents of that city. 


    What is the Focus of Somali TV?

    SAMA TV covers Somali issues that affect people living and working in the world. Each program is usually a studio panel discussion between the host and guests interested in a particular issue, accompanied with video highlights, Health programs, Community Issue and entertainment.

    Topics include:

    List of past SAMATV programs

    Topics include:

    • Social issues
    • Entertainment (songs, comedy, story telling, somali films, documentary programs)
    • Culture
    • Career Development
    • Health programs
    • Educational Programs

     Guests on SAMATV include a wide diversity of concerned citizens and volunteers in local Somali  causes, activists, public officials, managers, business owners, students, teachers, and experts in many fields.

    What is the SAMA TV Program ?
    The SAMA TV Progarm is a video production resource pool.
    The Coalition was formed when a number of  Intellectuals came together to provide a voice for them to put across their vision of a  peaceful and well informed Somali communities around the world. 
    The coalition is unique in the realm of community TV and we hope other communities will duplicate its organization and success.


    How Can I Check Out SAMA TV Tapes?

     Tapes are also available for viewing by individual, schools and organizations.
    SAMA TV program tapes can now be ordered


    By phone:
    Call  (612) 229-5080

    By internet: shows@somaliamericanmedia.org
    e-mail us at info@somaliamericanmedia.org









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